plannerWelcome to MBSN! You’ve found the right place if you are a business owner seeking administrative assistance, or a virtual assistant (VA) looking for inspiration to reach your goals.

We take on your administrative details

Our members take on the administrative details for independent professionals and organizations that have overflow work or don’t need a full-time secretary/office manager. We are a network of professional home-based VAs who provide a variety of administrative services. You can establish a long term relationship with your virtual assistant that you could not with a temp agency. A temporary worker does not have vested interest in your success. Enter the independent contractor VA, their success is based on your success, and because we work remotely, you have no overhead costs.

You will benefit from MBSN

Quarterly meetings are to network with each other, discuss items pertaining to VAs, and to provide a resource to VAs in the Midwest. Our network has been around since 1997, adheres to our code of ethics, and our history page will inform you how it has grown over the years. Guests may attend up to two meetings. Contact us for membership information as our board screens prospective members to ensure our network’s commitment to administrative excellence. As a startup, established firm, or even a prospective virtual professional, you’ll benefit from MBSN.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our services, members, or meetings.

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